What you need to know


Irlam Live tickets have been on sale since early 2020 and because of the pandemic had a few date changes along the way. So just a few weeks to go and here is everything you need to know about your Irlam Live 2021 tickets.

If you still have your original email with your ticket/s. Fine, just download, print or save digitally in your ticket wallet/etc.

All Irlam Live tickets can be accessed from the ‘My Tickets’ page in your Universe account at https://www.universe.com/dashboard/tickets.

If you did not create a Universe account when purchasing your tickets you can log in by setting a password for your email using this link: https://www.universe.com/users/password/new

Additionally, all ticket holders will receive a reminder email 24 hours prior to the event which will include a PDF copy of the ticket/s.

If you need any help or further info please get back to us at info@irlamlive.co.uk